Camp Marriott 2024 Summer Program Selection


The troop collects your scout's summer camp program choices prior to entering them into the camp registration system

Fill in your scout's name, your email address (one that you check!), your scout's current rank (brand new scouts will be "none"). Then, select the merit badge classes you want to take by clicking on them. Conflicting classes will be grayed out. Submit the form by clicking the Submit button at the bottom. Eagle required badges are listed in bold. Great classes to take at summer camp are Cooking, Swimming, Environmental Science, and Lifesaving (which requires Swimming, or can be done concurrently with Swimming). For classes with an A/B option you need only select one (they are repeated offerings of the same class). Open program slots do not technically require registration, scouts can participate by showing up to the program area during the designated Open Program time, and can mix and match throughout the week. Submit your choices by clicking the button below, and your summer camp adult leader will do their best to get you into your chosen classes.

Note there is an extra charge of $50 for Shotgun, $65 for ATV, and $15 for Space Exploration classes to pay for materials.

If you are unsure what to take, please consult with troop adult leadership.

Bolded Badges are merit badges required for Eagle

Red background classes are already full

Location 9:00-9:50 10:00-10:50 11:00-11:50 2:00-2:50 3:00-3:50 4:00-4:50 7:00-7:50
Aquatics Kayaking A Lifesaving (requires Swimming MB) Small Boat Sailing 2:00-3:50 Free Swim, Open Boating
Canoeing A Swimming A Swimming B Swimming C Swimming D
Rowing Kayaking B Canoeing B Kayaking C Open Boating
Instructional Swim Water Sports A (14+) Water Sports B (14+)
Free Swim
Scoutcraft Camping A Geocaching Camping B First Aid A First Aid B Open Program (Pioneering Skills, Open Fishing, Open Geocaching, Scoutcraft Campfire)
Search and Rescue Emergency Preparedness A Emergency Preparedness B Wilderness Survival A Wilderness Survival B
Fishing Exploration Orienteering Signs, Signals, & Codes / Radio Pioneering
Shooting Sports Rifle A Rifle B Open Shoot Open Shoot
Shotgun A Shotgun B
Archery A Archery B Archery C Archery D
Handicraft Pottery Open Program (Basketry, Leatherwork, Wood Carving, Fingerprinting, Art, Music) Open Program (Basketry, Leatherwork, Wood Carving, Fingerprinting, Art, Music) Photography Open Program (Basketry, Leatherwork, Wood Carving, Fingerprinting, Art, Music)
Moviemaking Game Design
Eagle's Eyrie Citizenship in the Nation A Communication A Citizenship in the Nation B Personal Management A Law Public Speaking Open Program (American Heritage, American Cultures, Chess, Make-ups)
Citizenship in the World A Citizenship in the World B Communication B Chess Personal Management B Communication C
Ecology Environmental Science A Space Exploration Environmental Science B Nuclear Science Forestry Environmental Science C Open Program (Mammal Study, Pulp and Paper, Make-ups)
Bird Study Chemistry Archaeology Astronomy Oceanography Weather
Fish & Wildlife Management Nature Geology/Mining in Society
The Guild Cooking A Metalwork A Metalwork B Open Program (Traffic Safety, Make-ups)
Automotive Maintenance Electricity/Electronics Woodwork Composite Materials Engineering Plumbing
Welding A Welding B Welding C Cooking B
At Camp Post Climbing A Climbing B COPE Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience 14+
At Camp Olmstead ATV All Terrain Vehicles A
must be 14
ATV All Terrain Vehicles B
must be 14
At Trading Post Salesmanship/ Entrepreneurship